How Chaga Tea was Discovered . . .

Attempting to spare cash on tea they drank the chaga implantation. They would lift it up from birch trees, ground and afterward blend it.

Chaga mushroom is viewed as a standout amongst the most well known option beverages to anticipate disease and now and again help to treat it.

Sergey N. Maslennikov, a Russian specialist, who is recalled by nearby individuals, numerous years after his demise, was conceived June 21, 1887 of every a poor group of the trader Nikita Maslennikov. Nikita Konstantinovich filled in as a head administrator of the dealer Obrezkova, at that point turned into the co-proprietor of a wine shop. He was caring and delicate, and he cherished youngsters. One of his granddaughters reviewed that he enabled them to interlace his facial hair in twists when they were little. His significant other Elikanida Mikhailovna, dissimilar to her better half, was a stern, functional and down-to – earth lady. She had been sparing berries from his vast garden for a stick which was sold in the shop.

In 1908 Sergey moved on from the Medical Faculty of Moscow University, at that point worked in Aleksandrov in Zemstvo doctor’s facility. In October , 1910 he wedded Maria Mikhailovna Sokolova. She was conceived in St. Petersburg in the group of the administrator of the Tauride Palace. After the passing of her folks she lived with her relatives Dobronravov. Elikanida Mikhaylovna trusted that vagrant, lady of the hour Masha Sokolova was not a decent match for her child, but rather he demanded the marriage. In 1912 they had a girl, Catherine, in 1913 – Maria.

chaga mshrm.jpg

In 1914-1918, Sergey Maslennikov served in the 197 the Infantry Regiment 6-th Siberian division, in 1916, he worked in a healing facility in Nizhniy Novgorod. From 1924 to 1935 he went around the nation: he worked in the region Tashkazenskom in the Syrdarya territory, at that point – in Sakhalin, in Blagoveshchensk in the Kara-Bugaz. In 1935 he came back to Alexandrov. Since 1941 he served in the doctor’s facility, at that point – as a specialist in Alexander sanitation focuses.

Sergey was a man of ability, truly persevering. He ordered numerous formulas that are still devoured by the inhabitants of the city for treatment of sore throat, colds … He was additionally a doctor specialist.

The primary accomplishment of his life – a disclosure, as expressed in the “portrayal of the innovation”, “symptomatic apparatus to encourage the condition of disease patients”.

Be that as it may, clearly, this was insufficient. We needed to check everything. We had numerous, numerous years yet to watch the individuals who drink this custom made tea and the individuals who don’t drink. This intended to give this toast the individuals who have a tumor, and assume the liability not to treat them by different means. At that point think about what temperature to blend, and in what measurements, either to bubble or not bubble, and what number of glasses to drink, without hurting. At that point watch which tumors it influences and which it influences less.”


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